So who exactly are these Greeters?

Our Greeters revealed…

  • Your Greeter is a local citizen aged over 18 who accompanies free of charge visitors who come to La Baule, he/she will show you around as they would do with family or friends;
  • He/she is of an open mind and able to communicate with visitors regardless of their age and background;
  • He/she is not a professional guide but a local resident who wishes to share with you a mutually enriching opportunity for cultural exchange. The ‘tour’ lasts about 2 hours during which your Greeter will share with you the events and aspects of his/her town which interest and motivate him/her on a daily basis.
  • Your Greeter will reveal to you the people, places and events which for him/her really make La Baule what it is.
  • Your Greeter will tailor your discovery of his/her town in keeping with your wishes making each and every ‘tour’ unique, authentic, free and above all friendly.

La Baule’s Greeters therefore have on offer a genuine insight into the daily life of our town and to enable you to discover their very favourite things, places and events, their routines, their ‘places off of the beaten track’, their anecdotes etc.. In their own words :
According to Yvonnick « I’m a Greeter to have the pleasure of welcoming people to the area and for us to broaden our mutual cultural horizons », Serge likes to «exchange and share ideas». Simone is a strong advocate of « a genuine sense of hospitality, to really welcome people to the town and give them helpful tips to enjoy their stay ». At this moment in time there are 7 Greeters in La Baule, each with their own very different background and personality. All are raring to welcome you and to share a genuine experience centred in and around all things linked to La Baule !

We would like to just draw your attention to the fact that the Greeters are not ‘guides’ and do not offer complete guided tours of the town (guided tours of La Baule are provided by the guide from the Tourist Office).

So don’t wait until next year, give it a go this time and book your ‘tour’ with our one of our Greeters today! The Greeters ‘service’ is coordinated by the Tourist Office of La Baule as part of our mission to welcome our visitors.





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